Monday, August 3, 2009

Hope and Obstacles

I've been so excited and relieved to be reading on Youngstown blogs about the hope and energy of the "new vanguard" that is striving to re-invent the city; it gives me hope, as an outsider about to fashion a "shiny new life" here. Even more so as Youngstown starts to get outside attention, as with the August Entrepreneur magazine cover and article.

However, at the same time, there is so much about the overwhelming weight of the past and the destruction of industry in the region, and the way that Youngstown is an iconic symbol of the decline, that I wonder if I am deluding myself...

I choose to be hopeful of the future, but don't wish to be naive...


  1. Hi Hillary, welcome to Youngstown. I hope you and your family are happy here for years to come. Best, Christopher

  2. Looks like you moved into the Glen! I recoginze the house...welcome to town!! Let us know what your new jobs are and what school your daughter goes to...curious as to what made you all move here and the choices an "outsider" makes once here. Gives a new perspective on things for those of us who have been here forever!!