Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When You've Got No Village

So, my family and I moved to Youngstown three weeks ago now. Everyone keeps asking if we've gotten unpacked yet, to which I reply, "Yes, well, you know, we're getting there...", while I think in the back of my head about the towers of boxes that we're living amongst, the fact that every time I try to get dressed for work I can only find half an outfit, the searching through four boxes just to find a tupperware...

The truth is, we moved to a new city where we know almost no one, both start jobs the very next week, and, while I'm grateful for the progressive school my daughter will attend, I can't send her for more than an hour and a half a day at most for the first two weeks! When my daughter is home, my first goal is to give her the attention she needs to feel like there is some normalcy in her life; the second is unpacking her room (and somewhere in a distant third is my other job that I stupidly didn't give up when I moved here--damn being so responsible!)--never mind the rest of the house, or my husband for that matter.

That being said, our colleagues are unfailingly kind and we've already had a family come to the rescue when work scheduling was completely inflexible, so perhaps we've found the first members of our village. The anticipation of finding a community (in which I've looked forward to for so long after being so nomadic) makes the difficulty of knowing few people to turn to when struggling to get settled all the more tiring.

Thank god for the light at the end of the tunnel!

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